A poem


Baby you knew what it was

This that once in a lifetime

Old soul keep your spirit warm

And your mind right

It’s not a lot that I require

Because for the one you’re just enough

There ain’t no barriers too tough for love




Deep strokes

Move my hands if I choke

Remind me what it means to breathe

again fill my throat and touch my lungs

Let me widen your scope

Show you what it means to get intimate

Lips red and like lotuses in bloom so you reach for a spoon




A poem


Little Debbie oatmeal cream pies could’ve been the death of me

95% sugar and Lord knows I had a sweet tooth

Over indulging in high fructose corn syrup

Aquamarine colored juices dried on cream skirts

Aunties giving me the once over making me shrink all the rolls. I…




Let me suffocate you with this cellulite

Thighs vibrating

Hips rotating

Drown you in infinity pools make me forget where my lips begin and yours end

The connection is electric

Cream on you like French vanilla

the way I melt on satiated tongues

Let me ride your face or sum




The girl you used to know is a distant memory

Crushed cranberry matte lipstick that doesn’t stain

Polyester suits and gold chains

I’m the woman I’ve been waiting for

5’7 stallion but I’m 6’8 spiritually

Steady transcending the mundane

This soul be too gifted to be tamed