Photo by Max Ovcharenko on Unsplash

When did I forget the meaning of living in the present?

Yesterday the children played in the leaves

Their little feet step on vibrant orange, and brown hues

The sound of their parent's impatience ignored in exchange for

a few seconds more of carefree play

I am reminded of the…



5 days ago

Photo by abhijeet gourav on Unsplash

Take off the layers
What remains when you leave your expectations at the door?
Hanging insecurities like coats leave them hidden in the closet
What remains?
We flow seamlessly
Skyline- crystal halos
I fall through the abyss let the universe color me golden
No end to this synergy of selflessness
Finding home…



Photo by Shamoil on Unsplash

Willow Branch where I ran barefoot

Dandelions dancing under me carrying me forward to fates unknown

Broken English and wandering eyes

Curiosity gets the best of me so I explore with my spirit

Have I been here before?

151 Jacksonway

transitioned from the projects to section 8

Two bedrooms, one…