From Wounds To Words

spoken word poem

2 min readSep 24, 2023

Baby your hate never phased me

My shadow pulls triggers for the funsies

passive aggressive looks that’ll bury you under humvees

no artillery and yet I body bag doubts send them straight to hades

See I wanna play it nice

but damn don’t the villains have the best scripts

Whats the sitch?

Side eyes and silence I make em catch my drift

Say you ain’t a bitch

Still barking up the wrong switch

extended cords and pierced cartilage

this type of pain will send you on a trip

Shrapnel and wars that echo from a distance

Clans clash over power and religion

Prophets with no vision

Prophets who still sinning

Tryna teach me about dimensions as though I ain’t leave this plane of existence

I am that I am

Would it be blasphemous.. to say I am king, queen, and catastrophe

A danger to weak minds and niggas who love to hate me




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