Divine Sunrise

1 min readNov 12, 2023

I am so divine when the sun rises; I bring it to its knees until it bows into horizons

Smile enticing, halfway between here and Jupiter, I forgot what it meant to stay sane

I mean, we’re all mad here anyway

I trigger the demons you’ve been feeding, self-doubt is suffocating, makes you see droughts

Makes you feel like you ain’t enough when the cup’s so full it’s overflowing, overflowing past the brim

It seeps into your skin until it’s an oasis, lodges itself between two rusted cages

Feel my heartbeat from within

satisfied with nothing because I know I’m just a soul with passing possessions

Seen people cling to life just to lose it in seconds

Open caskets still bodies pure potential embraced by a coffin still contemplating my mortality

As though I haven’t died

Been resurrected to life a phoenix fanning the flames just to rise out of the ashes

Again and again and again

Beloved I don’t fear death

Because death to me is just another reality waiting to be embraced.

Hello beautiful people I’m inspired & you’re here again. Thank you for sharing this space with me .