Photo by Christopher Burns on Unsplash

If I hold this lighter closer I hope it burns through every memory of defeat

I pray the flames consume doubt to its roots

I move with deliberation now

We sow seeds until they flourish to fruition




One thing I would never wish on anyone is heartbreak

the kind of pain that makes your legs brace

with time you pray the memories are erased

Can you take a risk?

What if your love is displaced?

I folded when you gazed into my soul

You touched my heart…



Sep 8

Photo by julien Tromeur on Unsplash

I draw your attention with my energy

Aura bleeding off the canvas like watercolor prisms

My reach is deep

I’m connected to source so I guess I’m the light you seek

Complexion dripping like honey on satin sheets

Need I say more

The only thing I have is my soul…



Sep 5


Intimidated by my grace I leave mediocre minds shook

My aura never dims I suffocate them with success

Cease and desist

I can’t resist

Intent on my downfall might need to keep your head up because I do this shit





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