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a poem

Photo by :Ebrulillusrates

baby come on, you know this flesh is only temporary ~ Noname

I walk as though there is no gravity to ground me

A dreamer sees beyond the veil of time

Another moment spent searching is one spent found

Lost in seeking

Tethered to a narrative that was never mine



Photo by Breno Machado on Unsplash

soul: growing means shedding certain parts of you so that you can grow

there will be moments when you don’t want to let go

Ego: But I’m in my comfort zone do I really have to go

Soul: Don’t you know there will come a time when you won’t have…



4 days ago

Photo by 3Motional Studio

My foundation is unwavering because it’s rooted in God’s will

I no longer question the course

My lane is specially made by the true architect

I am seen here

I am heard here

I don’t wish to be what I'm not

Love pure and unconditional

I am her



a poem

Haji — photo by Pangeas Gardener

Bright eyes seeing the world through a tinted smile

Remember that self love is the only love worth the fine

because loving others comes with it’s deadlines

Seek GOD and see that you’re a blueprint

One of a kind

I was designed to shine



Haji & Hendrix

Here she goes again

The human is so entrenched in her task

I wonder if she realizes that these small moments won’t last

everything comes to pass

I’ve lived several lives so I’m no stranger to that



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Everything is not as it seems

The truth was so clear when I unraveled the seams

The devil loves when we react to the extremes

passion so powerful it almost drowned my dreams

I fell in love with a schemer behind opaque screens



Jul 29

Photo by Ian Taylor on Unsplash

What is this sense of self-importance we tie to titles?

I lost count when I realized that some of us only live for the recognition

That I accomplished something

That if this was a race I'd be a few steps ahead

aren’t we all going towards the same destination anyway?